was created to allow users to get PageRank data for a large list of domains.

In the year 2000, Google launched their PageRank toolbar that would give you page rank data for individual websites that you visited. While this was an awesome tool to view PR data for individual websites, it was quite painful to use while getting data for hundreds of websites. was built to solve this problem of getting bulk PR data. It used the same APIs and showed the PR for multiple websites and made the lives of many internet marketers much easier.

Then in mid-2016, Google disabled their toolbar and stopped giving out PR data for any domains. The APIs continued to remain online but returned a PR of 0 for every single website. What followed was nothing short of chaos. A whole industry of Internet Marketers and Webmasters had over the course of 16 years learned to use Page Rank data for every decision they needed to make about domains and now suddenly this data was taken from them.

In mid-2017 the Open PageRank initiative was born and using Common Crawl data, a new open source API was released that would continue to give PR data for websites. started using this API and continues to do so since then. We hope that we can continue providing this free service to all Internet Marketers, and Webmasters who rely on this data to make decisions.